Fremont Real Estate & Information

Fremont Real Estate & Information

An artsy neighborhood in Seattle, Fremont is filled with local craftsmanship and is located near the north shore of Lake Washington Ship Canal. It's self proclaimed as the Center of the Universe and delivers a bohemian vibe. With a laid back atmosphere, residents and visitors can explore the beauty of the neighborhood and invest into Fremont real estate as it isn't too expensive or out of reach for the average middle class income.

Shopping and Dining

For those searching for unique art pieces can explore all of the choices within Fremont from their graphic designs on T-shirts to whimsical handmade gifts. Local designers have created much of the fashion in such shops as Les Amis and Show Poney. There are multiple other shops to enjoy for those looking for men's clothing at the Blue Owl Workshop, books and vintage antiques. There are two major shopping areas including the Fremont Vintage Mall and throughout the University district located not too far from Fremont. When searching for the perfect place to eat consider all the choices that are available in Fremont from deli sandwiches to Italian gourmet dishes. There is something for everyone including the vegetarian to the seafood lover.

Parks and Recreation

Enjoying the outdoors is easy for Fremont residents and those who have purchased Fremont real estate with the many parks nearby to visit along with plenty of recreation. The Burke Gilman Trail covers up to 27 miles through the Seattle area and takes residents and visitors on a scenic route by the waterside. Bicycle riders take this same route for exercise and pleasure. Gas Works Park and Ballard Park are nearby the town of Fremont and there are multiple activities to enjoy including the Fremont Fair that is an annual event held at the Gilman. The Fremont Gardens offers plenty of beautiful flowers to admire and there's tons of artwork by local artists at the Fremont Sunday Market.Visit the Abbey Arts Center for more insight into local artistry. For other activities consider boating off the shoreline and camping along with going to the various skate parks within the city limits.


Its upper scale urban lifestyle is ideal for the average person. The median home costs a little more than $44,000 and the average age resident is from 20 to 40. The majority of residents are renting at 68 percent while 32 percent of residents home their own home. The average family size is 1.8 and the median age of resident is 36 years. Fremont real estate is worth investing into as residents can enjoy the simplicity of a small town while living nearby a major city.

Schools, Healthcare, and Transportation

There's plenty of education available for those interested in all aspects of life. Residents interested in aquatics can attend the School of Aquatic and Fishery Science and those interested in arts can attend the School for Performing Arts. Majority of students can attend the University of Washington. There are several community colleges including Linda Mood Bell Community College that is less than 10 miles from Fremont and Sandweiss Test Prep Community College that's no more than three miles away. There's private and public elementary schools available along with a handful of high schools all located within the town.

The Washington hospital is easy to get to from Fremont. It has a caring trauma center and great service for those in need. Emergency clinics and health clinics are located around the Fremont area for easy access.

Transportation is easy to find around Fremont. There's everything from bus lines to bike riding to trains. Take a cruise ship or seaplane to reach a location and there is the metro transit system for buses and community transportation. The monorail and Amtrak are available throughout the town. Elderly who have purchased Fremont real estate are nearby several senior centers where they can be a part of senior activities within the neighborhood, catching a bus or walk to their destination.

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Fremont is the 14th most walkable neighborhood in Seattle.

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